Working with the community is an integral part of our business ethos, culture and most importantly values. We strive to better local businesses by helping them grow along with investing in individuals who may not have had the chance otherwise. We welcome businesses and individuals alike to join us on our journey of investing in our local community.

Would you like to get involved with any community projects?

We are proud and enjoy playing a part in our Community on the Wirral by working hard, delivering great workmanship and being kind to others. We employ like-minded, hard working, kind people and we like to work with people and businesses who share these values. Our success will only be recognised by the accomplishments we achieve in our community. As well as helping now we will be designing plans that provide longevity and help towards giving the organisations we work with growth and sustainability.

This year our chosen charity of the year is Wirral Women and Children’s Aid a small charity run by people with big hearts. The people who work at the WWACA face daily challenges as you can imagine and we feel privileged to be able to work with them.  Additionally there are other people or organisations that we plan to help. The Hive is one of those organisations and we will be rolling out our plans shortly so please visit us again soon.

Wirral Women & Children’s Aid

Managing Director, Zey Mohamed with his Wife Charlotte Mohamed have personally been donating towards the Wirral Woman and Children’s Aid for a few years so this was an easy decision for WWACA to be Premier Project Services chosen charity of the year. Our aim is to raise their profile whilst significantly helping make improvements they so desperately need. Next year is WWACA 40th Anniversary and we are delighted to be involved to help them celebrate and fundraise.

Alongside our donations, fundraising and improvements we want some of the work we do to have longevity for the WWACA so we will be looking at plans towards this.

The Hive

We are really pleased to be involved with The Hive and the work they do. It has really touched us to know that not only do they provide for Children but also families who are struggling. We were very happy our donation will help provide places for Children to attend The Hive’s holiday club during the summer as we believe all children should have the opportunity to play and socialise with other children.

The other work we like at The Hive falls in line with what we want to do and that is to provide Children opportunities to look at their future career. We will also be getting involved with The Hive to give young adults experiences and opportunities they may not have thought possible or didn’t believe in themselves enough to go for it. This ongoing work is something we have thought about since we started our Company and The Hive have the experience and we have the opportunities so it is a great fit for both.

We hope the work we do will help towards the great work the Hive are doing.

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